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Free file sharing

Easy Uploads is the only tool you need to access and share your uploads free online.

Upload and share any size file anywhere online. Post your download links on facebook to share files with your facebook friends, or email or post a link.Share your files with anyone through our search engine and increase downloads.Never again worry about hard drive or file storage.

Easy Uploads 1.8

Use our free software to upload and stream your content straight from the cloud.

Easy Uploads is a free uploading and media center application that allows our members to upload and manage all of there files online and access to virtually unlimited online file storage. Easy Uploads can be used to stream media files accross the web from its built in media player powered by VLC Media Player but will also save hard drive and backup and secure your files online. Uploading files through Easy Uploads is fast and secure with added file security features. Using this software will make accessing your files online when you need them a quick 2 click process. Easy Uploads is the only application that is simple and easy to use that offers unlimited file storage, and media streaming. Easy Uploads offers more power and speed with our prime membership. Prime members get faster speeds,No Ads, and a playlist manager. Prime members have access to more enchanced features and controls for a small monthly fee.. Catagorize your uploaded content and customize its appearace with thumnails and a custom title. Track your content from the file manager for stats on downloads, ratings, and times streamed. With this software you can backup, share, and streame files online within minutes. Save money and host your files online for free try it now its free.

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Installation Guide

Download Easy Uploads

Once you have downloaded Easy Uploads double click the setup file to run the install. Easy Uploads will check your computer to make sure that all of the files required for the software to run successfully. If Easy Uploads needs to install additional software you may see aditional promp windows during install. Once Easy Uploads has been successfully installed you may then login into your account and start uploading.